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Come & Try Sports Leadership Award Sessions

Recently we held a ‘Come & Try' session in the Inverness area to raise the awareness of the Sports Leadership Awards.  The sessions were attended by 20+ people from 14 yrs to one gentleman who is retired, all of whom had an interest in taking part in the Sports Leadership Awards.

We had 2 younger volunteers (whose parents were present) as participants in some of the events and performed very well. For those critical of youngster’s abilities in leadership - you would be surprised just how often they took charge of the adults!

The session was taken by our very own Vince Walker and he was supported by some active school co-ordinators from the Inverness area.   The session gave a brief introduction to the ethos of the awards which are very much practical based activities.  A number of enjoyable activities were carried out, with not too much pressure added to the participants.

It was a great success with a number of points being evident from the session:

1. You do not need to be super fit – just be willing to take part.
2. You do not need to be a top coach – It is a progressive learning course for those with NO knowledge.
3. You do not need to be a fantastic sportsperson – It does not impact on whether you will be a good leader or coach.
4. It was great fun and very varied in the activities – not just football!!
5. Success happened for all - All people discovered skills and qualities that they did not realise they possessed
…...and many more.

Think you have missed out? Well YES you have but it’s not too late!  If you are interested in taking part in a course locally in the Highlands of Scotland, give Vince a call on 01463 718009 or e-mail Vince.

Did he say not to touch the ground?
Now that’s leadership!!! From the under 10’s
A well demonstrated and explained activity!
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