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Help For Clubs -

Help for Clubs provides Sports Clubs with practical advice about how to manage and develop your activities. It contains guidance on running an effective sports club, simple template documents for many administrative functions, case examples of how other clubs have organised their affairs, suggestions for increasing club income, and links to other useful sources of help (including sports development officers employed by local authorities and sports national governing bodies). To stay fully informed, you can register to receive the periodic Club Update newsletter by email.

Who's it for?
Help for Clubs is for the officers and committee members of any sports club. Your club might be concerned with bowling, swimming, climbing, gymnastics, football - or any of a hundred other sports. You might have five members or five thousand. You might serve a local housing estate, or a town, or the whole of Scotland. Your total annual income might be as low as £50 or as high as one million pounds. Whatever type of club you are, you'll find information in these pages to help you develop your sporting activities.

Some clubs are large enough to employ staff and we hope that these professional men and women will find Help for Clubs useful. Much of the material has been contributed by Sports Development Officers whose job it is to provide clubs like yours with practical help. One section of Help for Clubs provides these sports development officers with a library of more complex resources.

A quick guide to the topics
In the leftside column of every page you'll find navigation to each of the following areas of the Help for Clubs website:

  • Managing your Club provides help and advice about the administration of your club including structures, constitutions, rules and policies
  • Growing your Membership is all about attracting and retaining your club members
  • Developing your Club shows you how to organise your programme of activities and plan for the growth of your club's activities
  • Resourcing your Club covers all aspects of raising money from subscriptions, grants and sponsorship
  • Coaches, Officers, Staff and Volunteers deals with club office-bearers, staffing, coaches and volunteers
  • Facilities explores the various ways of operating premises including a centre, track or range
  • Communicating with Members shows you how to keep in touch with your members through both printed and online means
  • Accrediting your Club is concerned with the various schemes for gaining wider national recognition and approval
  • Club Development Networks provides more resource material to support a range of professional staff in their work to support the development of sports clubs
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